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Posted by on Sep 26, 2019 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

My sisters dream – Newbury escorts

My little sister would like to become an adult movie star, but I have been working for Newbury escorts long enough to know that it is not for her. The adult movie industry in Newbury used to be really great, and a few of my colleagues here at Newbury escorts used to be adult movie actresses. Now, the bottom has dropped out of the business. To be honest, there are too many cheap web sites which provide free porn, and that is what has ruined the industry. Some of the girls here at Newbury escorts used to earn good money making movies.
My sister says that her big dream is to become a star in America. Speaking to a few of the girls here at Newbury escorts who spent some time in the US, it is clear that they were not successful. All of them ended up coming back to Newbury escorts as they were almost bankrupt. A couple of them had to escort in the USA just so that they could buy a ticket home. I think that is really tragic and there is no way that I would let my sister go and work in the United States.
The problem is that my sister hated school and did not do very well at all. In the end, she left when she was 17 years old, and ever since then she has been working in the local Waitrose store. The thing is, she is really good at it and her boss is always pushing her forward. I was telling my friends at Newbury escorts from about her, and they thought that she would be better off at Waitrose instead. She is the kind of girl who can make a career out of dealing with customers. A few of the girls here at Newbury escorts think that my sister should be a part time model, she is after all very pretty.
I wouldn’t mind my sister working as a model but like I say to the girls at Newbury escorts, she is very easily led. My mom says that she would be frighten that my sister would be led down the wrong direction. I know exactly what she means. I have told my girlfriends here at Newbury escorts that my sister is one of those girls who like to think the best of everybody. She is also really quick to trust, and that is not ideal when you are in the modeling industry.
My sister doesn’t know that I work for a Newbury escorts service and I am not going to tell her. That would be like putting the cat among the pigeons and she would be off to the US on the next plane. I am not sure if a lot of the girls here at Newbury escorts do tell their families. Most of them seem to keep things rather close to their chest. For the time being that is what I am going to do as well. My sister does not need to know, and I am not going to work for Newbury escorts forever. It is a stop gap until I get enough money for beauty school.

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