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PWD – Dating


It is sad, and Newbury escorts always try to look after their dates who have a physical disability more than others. Many of the Newbury escorts from that I know fully appreciate how difficult it can be difficult to live with a physical disability.

A lot of people with physical disabilities like to date Newbury escorts as they all have such good hearts. When you live with a physical disability it can be difficult to reach out and find some human contact. For many disabled people Newbury escorts are a voice in the wilderness of life, and many of them refer to their Newbury escorts as friends rather than just dates. As a matter of fact, Many Newbury escorts feel the same way about their disabled dates, and often call them friends.

Living with a Disability

There are many thousands of people in Newbury who live with disabilities on a daily basis. Many of them have to overcome many obstacles in their daily lives, and face many challenges. Most of would not understand how difficult to live with a disability, and how many challenges you face every day.

Many of us take our natural abilities for granted, but once you have experienced a disability, you may see things very different. The truth is that we often look at people with a disability as “care cases” and forget that they are human as well. As humans, they need the human touch just as much as anybody else, and Newbury escorts seem to be able to appreciate that.

Newbury girls care!

The escorts that work in Newbury really care about their dates with disabilities. They will make extra room in their busy calendars to look after them, and give them that extra little bit of attention they need. Ulrika, a Danish girl who works with Newbury escorts, says that the general public give disabled people very little respect sometimes and may not even involve them in conversation. It really annoys her, and she always make sure that her dates are fully involved with everything that is going on.

Even if they just want to come to her apartment, and watch a porn movie, she is fine with that. She will happily sit down for a chat and watch a couple of movies, and have a giggle. Ulrika says that the best gift you can give a disabled person is your time, and she is probably right.

In Holland things are very different for disabled people. The Dutch have realized that love and sex are important to disabled people, or someone living with a disability as well, and they actually get a special allowance to cater for their sexual needs. Many people who are disabled seem to find it difficult to find long term partners, and living with unfulfilled sexual needs can become very frustrating. The Dutch government seems to have some very good ideas, and are aware that disabled people are still “whole” people.

Perhaps, we should all learn to care and appreciate those who live with disabilities a bit more.

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